STEM students changing the world 

The Subdivisions







eckman: Avionics

Beckman High School celebrates its students' individuality with its motto, “Stay Tru Blu!” Beckman High is a California Distinguished School in the Tustin Unified School District and ranks 160th in STEM high schools. Based at Beckman High,  the Avionics team, otherwise known as “the brain," handles the programming and the subsequent testing of the system board, c-card, z-card, and GPS. Avionics is the only TUSD school in the program.


Woodbridge High School takes pride in their “Way of the Warrior” by ensuring that they provide a quality education to empower their students. This school is a California Distinguished High School and ranks 115th overall in California High Schools. Team Communications is the nervous system of the CubeSat. They write the software to communicate with the ground station as well as procedures for sending and receiving data. The Team also tests radio equipment and an LED communication interface. 

         oodbridge Communications 

Irvine: Propulsion 

Irvine High School can be characterized by their core values of “Integrity, Honor, [and] Social Responsibility." The California State Board of Education has recognized Irvine High with the Blue Ribbon award for demonstrating their excellence. Team Propulsion, also known as the muscles of the CubeSat, handles all of the satellite's maneuverability. This includes the thruster and the magnetorquers. The team controls all of this through a command interface. 


Northwood Power

Northwood High School celebrates camaraderie with their motto, “for the Good of the Pack." This school was ranked 25th nationally and has also been recognized by the California State Board of Education with the Blue Ribbon award of excellence. Northwood High is home to Team Power. They handle the Deployable Solar Arrays (DSA's) and charge the batteries. The team is mentored by the Ecuadorian Space Agency (EXA). 

University Prime

University High School's motto is “Unity through Diversity." They achieve this by bolstering universal acceptance throughout the student body. The school is ranked 29th overall in STEM high schools. This California Distinguished School houses  team Prime which functions as the skeleton of the CubeSat. Their tasks include running maintenance on the camera and building the frame of the CubeSat. They also handle all of the paperwork involved in the program. 


Portola BioTech

Portola High School is the latest addition to the Irvine CubeSat program. The school finished construction in 2016 and is planning to participate in the upcoming Irvine02 mission. Their school motto is to have Bulldog PRIDE which stands for Perseverance,  Respect, Integrity, Drive, and Empathy.

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