The Subdivisions








eckman: Avionics

Beckman High School celebrates the student keeping close their school motto, “Tru Blu!”. Beckman High is a California Distinguished School in the Tustin Unified School District and ranked 160 in STEM high schools. Based at Beckman High,  the Avionics team, otherwise known as “the brain”, handles programming and subsequent testing of the circuits, system board, c-card, z-card, GPS, and sun sensors. Click the button to our website to find out more and swipe left/right.


Woodbridge High takes pride in their “Way of the Warrior” by making sure they can provide a quality education to empower their students. This school is a California Distinguished High School and ranks 141 in California High Schools. Team Communications, the nervous system of the mission, controls writing the software to communicate with the ground station, writing procedures for sending and receiving data, testing communications equipment, and preparing the LED interface hardware.

         oodbridge Communications 

Irvine: Propulsion 

Irvine High can be characterized by their motto, “Integrity, Honor, [and] Social Responsibility” in order to enable their students to become successful and contributing members of society.  This school has been recognized with the Blue Ribbon Award and as a California Distinguished School demonstrating their commitment to their mission statement. Team Propulsion, a.k.a. the muscles of the mission, is in charge of the thrusters, command interface, magnetorquers(altitude control), and all maneuvers.


Northwood Power

Northwood High celebrates power, spirit, and loyalty and always looks “for the Good of the Pack”. In 2016 this school was ranked 25 nationally in Newsweek’s list of top public high schools and has also been recognized as a California Distinguished School and a Blue Ribbon School. Northwood High is home to Team Power who handle the solar panels, batteries, shields, and connectors of the CubeSat.


University Prime

University High School is known for their diversity and acceptance of students which is demonstrated through their motto “Unity through Diversity”. University is one of the few schools that have a program for the deaf in California and is ranked 29 in STEM high schools. At this California Distinguished School, Team Prime is the skeleton of the project where they handle the camera, the building the frame of the CubeSat, and all of the paperwork involved in our project.


Portola BioTech

The CubeSat program’s newest addition, Portola High School, was recently established in 2016 and is planned to participate in the upcoming Irvine04 mission.