Revolutionizing STEM

About Irvine CubeSat

"Changing the way students experience STEM"

~Our Mission 

The CubeSat Project began in 1999 at the California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. They created a standard design for a miniature satellite that bolstered low-cost space exploration. These 1U satellites now serve as academic tools for aspiring Aerospace Engineers at the college level and have been adopted by space agencies and now high schools. 


The Irvine CubeSat Program is a revolutionary STEM initiative based in Irvine, California. With over 100 members from six public high schools, the program collectively strives to assemble, test, and launch a solar powered CubeSat. It aims to inspire the next generation of innovative thinkers, creators, programmers, and explorers.

The Subdivisions







Irvine Cubesat Stem Program: Team Roles


Pilot Mission: Irvine 01

Irvine01 is the designated name of the pilot mission for the Irvine CubeSat program. The primary goal of this mission is to be the first high school program to successfully launch and communicate with a CubeSat in orbit. Secondary goals are taking pictures with the integrated camera and deploying the solar array. Biotech is the only subdivision that will not participate in the first mission as the school was recently built in 2016.



Though the Irvine CubeSat Program is composed mainly of students and teachers, we are also supported by the community. These supporters are prominent companies while others are parent volunteers. They serve as mentors to the program and provide a diverse range of assistance such as:

  • general guidance

  • technical support

  • donated hardware

  • component fabrication