Our Mission

To change the way the world views STEM or rather, to revolutionize it. 

Our Story

We had this idea, to bring together groups of students that did not know each other or did not speak a common technical language, and accomplished something incredible together.  They built a satellite.  They tested and launched it.  In so doing, we created a career pathway to STEM for our city, Irvine.
Dr. Brent Freeze had previously donated time and equipment for a high altitude balloon project at a public high school in Irvine, seeing the benefit, wanted to expand a STEM program city-wide, to all public high schools.  At the same time, Kain Sosa wanted to create a vehicle to increase diversity in STEM for underrepresented groups.  Together, they realized a CubeSat could be an ideal vehicle for such a goal and combined the best parts of each concept to form the Irvine CubeSat STEM Program.  IPSF became its funding sponsor and, along with Irvine and Tustin School District administrations, formed the steering committee board with its founders.  This joint arrangement continues to produce an amazing array of educational outcomes and opportunities for students to this day.

What we do:
By working on this project, students develop and practice STEM skills in technical documentation and communication, project management, hardware and software, mechanical and electrical subsystems, programming, radio and optical communications, and data analysis. Students are selected by a competitive application process, including completing documentation, and participating in an in-person interview.  Students agree to a year-long commitment in order to complete their objectives.
Student teams work after school to reach a series of milestones, scheduled to keep them on track. An Industry Speaker Series provides students with expert insight into space, technology and STEM, enhancing their understanding of real world application of the skills they are learning. Other events include field trips for testing and a design review, both intended to deepen student understanding and learning through hands-on experience.

Mr. Kain Sosa

Co-Founder of Irvine CubeSat


Dr. Brent Freeze

Co-Founder of Irvine CubeSat

"I have not seen any program take off quite as fast as this one, from the concept, funding, and  to building in less than three months."

The Subdivisions







The Irvine CubeSat Program was created in 2015 by Dr. Brent Freeze and Mr. Kain Sosa. This program intends to be the first high school to launch and operate a CubeSat in the United States successfully. In the United States, there have been three attempts by other high schools to launch a satellite. Each ending in either an explosion or a nonfunctional CubeSat. The Irvine CubeSat Program is composed of six public high schools from the Tustin and Irvine School Districts. All schools are given specific roles and functions for each CubeSat Mission. If the program were a human body, Avionics would be the brain. Communications: the nervous system. Propulsion: the muscles. Power: the heart. Prime: the Skeleton. Biotech: a vaccine. Together, the subdivisions work towards the longevity and success of this STEM program.